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Sustainable, Fresh, Quality, Branding, Customer Satisfaction, Success… Could There Really be One Simple Solution for All of These?

Sustainable, Fresh, Quality, Branding, Customer Satisfaction

Restaurants, just like any profitable business, need something to help them stand out from the crowd. Finding that unique niche’ or selling point is what keeps customers coming back.

At Wilpack Packaging we understand the industry demands that owners and managers face daily. That’s why after years of designing and manufacturing production food packaging equipment, Wilpack is proud to introduce our line of table top portion and deli cup sealing equipment for use in EVERY kitchen. These sealers may be small but they are mighty, providing the same quality sealed product as our industry leading production packaging equipment. Contract packaging is a thing of the past with the availability of packaging your products in house…this gives a whole new meaning to ‘sealing’ in freshness.

Wilpack’s table top units offer Point of Service packaging of fresh ingredients. This Kitchen Innovation Award winner is not only patented, but is UL and NSF approved…making it a ‘must have’ tool for managing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Which leads us to the next stage in operating a successful business; after discovering what sets you apart from the rest, managing cost of operations is a daily juggling act. With increases in staff wages and the cost of quality, fresh, locally sourced products; there’s little one can do but increase menu prices. But no worries, Wilpack has you covered (punn slightly intended). You can reduce cost of lost product and increase employee efficiency by prepping and sealing products in ‘down time’. The oxygen and moisture barrier created with our table top sealer prolongs shelf life and creates spill proof packaging. Viola, cost of operations reduced, efficient production increased…I’m not a chef, but that sounds like a recipe for success to me.

Now we’re ready to move onto increased sales and distribution channels. Printed packaging supplies with your logo offers excellent marketing potential. Get your products on store shelves; sell single serve dressings to customers to take home or open an online market…the potentials are endless. Increased sales don’t stop there, with customer satisfaction customers will keep coming back. Research shows that the largest complaint from customers is spilled food in the bag whether pick up or delivery. So why not give your customers something great to talk about…like how amazing your food is in your spill proof containers.

Wilpack sealing solutions allows you to use the freshest of locally sourced, quality ingredients; safely seal your products up simply in convenient, spill proof, portion sized, sustainable containers and quickly and conveniently serve them to your customers. Yep…I think we covered them all. I guess there really is one simple solution to make your operation successful.

One of the easiest ways to keep customers coming back is providing quality, consistency and integrity in your products and service. So, let Wilpack Packaging help you serve up the best version of yourself. Wilpack Packaging…simple sealing solutions that stand out from the crowd.