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The Remarkable Evolution Of Food Packaging Over Thousands Of Years.

When we visit the grocery store today we take it for granted that all the foods we buy are packaged. This seems like such an obvious fact that it hardly seems worthy of a moment’s thought or consideration.

But like most things we take for granted, they didn’t just happen by accident. The fact is, the way we package and store food today is the result of literally centuries of development and evolution in the way we not only preserve food, but transport it and keep it safe to eat.

Thousands of years ago the first food packaging — if we can call it packaging — was accomplished with natural materials. For example, the indigenous people of the South American rain forest regions wrapped food in leaves, such as banana and plantain leaves. This dates back more than 10,000 years.

Or consider Otzi, the Iceman. [...]

How Tariffs on Agriculture Could Impact Farm to Table Dining

Tariffs on Agriculture Could Impact Farm to Table Dining

Growing up on a farm you primarily have two choices; One, you learn to appreciate EVERYTHING that life offers (including the smell of manure and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with hard work) OR two, you decide that as soon as you’re able “you’re outta there” and head for the big city! In today’s trending industry, no matter how far away you may roam, you can bet it’ll never be too far from some good ‘ol farm fresh culinary ingredients. Farm to Table Dining seems to be gaining more and more ground year after year. And although this concept may have gained more recognition in recent years the ‘Farm to Table’ approach has actually been around since the 1950’s and only continues to gain speed…Looks like America has decided that “going back to their roots” isn’t so bad after all. Thank God for the farmers and the Agriculturists that provide quality fresh produce, meats, [...]

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Sustainable Fresh Branding from Wilpack Packaging

Restaurants, just like any profitable business, need something to help them stand out from the crowd. Finding that unique niche’ or selling point is what keeps customers coming back.

At Wilpack Packaging we understand the industry demands that owners and managers face daily. That’s why after years of designing and manufacturing production food packaging equipment, Wilpack is proud to introduce our line of table top portion and deli cup sealing equipment for use in EVERY kitchen. These sealers may be small but they are mighty, providing the same quality sealed product as our industry leading production packaging equipment. Contract packaging is a thing of the past with the availability of packaging your products in house…this gives a whole new meaning to ‘sealing’ in freshness.

Wilpack’s table top units offer Point of Service packaging of fresh ingredients. This Kitchen Innovation Award winner is not only patented, but is UL and NSF approved…making it a ‘must have’ tool for [...]

Featured on World’s Greatest, Wilpack Packaging provides innovative, high-quality, solutions made in America and brought to you by the hard working individuals at A-American Companies.

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Nov. 1, 2014 – Restaurants looking to increase their competitive advantage for “to-go” and over-the-counter sales of proprietary recipes, soups, salsas, sauces may want to check out the Seal-a-Cup System from Wilpack Packaging.   Read More

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