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W101 Rotary Machine


Fully Automated Fill and Seal Equipment – Single Lane




Features Include:

  • Quick adjust height on cup drop
  • 6-1/2 Gallon hopper standard
  • Product inlet on hopper
  • TC Port for Product Level Control Option
  • Perimeter Guarding with safety interlocks
  • Touchscreen HMI mounted on pack off side
  • E-Stop on both sides of machine
  • Variable Speed controlled through HMI Touchscreen
  • Prime/Purge functions through HMI Touchscreen
  • Fine Tuning filling volume
  • Fault Diagnostics
  • Recipe parameter storage for different product runs
  • Up to 40 Containers per minute
  • Container Sizes 51mm to 115mm
  • Operator friendly
  • Quiet in operation
  • Portable (will roll through 36″ doorway with castors)
  • Compact footprint (32” x 41” x 72” high)
  • Low maintenance item
  • Modular construction
  • Durable, lasting capital investment
  • Accommodate quick parts changeovers to different sized containers

Configured into the following 6 Stations:

  1. Cup load – Automatic Cup/Container denesting with height adjustment
  2. Fill Station – Integrated Liquid Piston Fillers or I/O for 3rd Party Dry Fillers
  3. 2nd Fill for larger volumes or additional product
  4. Foil placement – Automatic pick & place with knockoff bell
  5. Heat sealing – Single Cartridge heater head
  6. Unload finished product. Optionally transfers to ancillary equipment.

Additional information

Electrical Requirements

220 Volts AC

Quick Change Tooling

60mm/61mm Seal
60mm cup/62mm Seal
75mm cup/75.5mm Seal
75mm cup/79mm Seal
115mm 409 Deli Container/118mm Seal
115mm 410 Heavywall Container/118mm Seal


This item requires a T.E. Vacuum Tester to be sealed with the Model 15 and/or Model 25 Sealing Machines. The 025-0019 Nest is not included with the purchase of either the Model 15 and/or Model 25 Sealing Machines.

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