Table Top Tamper Evident Sealing Solutions

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T.E. Vacuum Tester

Tamper Evident Vacuum Tester



Kit Includes:

1 Vacuum Pump, 1 Hose, 1 Desiccator


The Tamper Evident Vacuum Tester is the best tool for testing the strength and integrity of your seals! Utilizing a quick and simple setup, the Tamper Evident Vacuum Chamber mimics an increased altitude pressure. Weak seals will burst and expose any issues prior to shipping your products! The Tamper Evident Vacuum Tester preserves quality and saves money by proactively preventing recalls, customer complaints, and wasted products! This makes the T.E. Vacuum Tester an integral part of Wilpack’s sealable solutions line of products.

2021 TE Vacuum Tester Brochure

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 17 × 18 in
WP Part Number


Electrical Requirements

110 Volts AC

This item requires a T.E. Vacuum Tester to be sealed with the Model 15 and/or Model 25 Sealing Machines. The 025-0019 Nest is not included with the purchase of either the Model 15 and/or Model 25 Sealing Machines.

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