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P05 Manual Pack Off System


  • Conveyor designed to feed from W101 and W201 rotary machines.
  •  Collects and organizes cups into grid patterns for boxing.
  • Vacuum paddle picks and places cups from the conveyor to the box.
  • Allows a single operator to pack-off 160+ cups per minute.
  • Tooling available for 75mm, 60mm, & 51mm cups
  • Height adjustable conveyor.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction, made in the USA!

5 ft. Conveyor

  • Optimal for packing-off (1) W101 or W201 machine.
  • Can be paired with additional conveyor(s) to pack-off multiple W101 or W201 machines at a time.
  • Can be paired with roller conveyor for printing date codes on the bottom, top, or side of the cups.
  • Uses posi-lock swivel castors for easy re-location and maneuvering.

10 ft. Conveyor

  • Optimal for packing-off (3 or fewer) W101 or W201 machines.
  • Uses mounting pads for precise leveling.
  •  Capable of allowing date code printing on the side of cups.


The Manual Pack-off System is designed for maximum efficiency and ROI by eliminating a majority of the labor required to move sealed cups away from the rotary machines and into boxes for transportation. A single operator can pack over 160 cups per minute. Additional paddles can be added as a module, so that a second operator can increase packing to over 240 cups per minute.

Additional information

WP Part Number

010-000-0025R – 10 ft. Conveyor
010-000-0030R – 5 ft. Conveyor

Electrical Requirements

110 Volts AC

Quick Change Tooling

51mm, 60mm, 75mm Cup Sizes

This item requires a T.E. Vacuum Tester to be sealed with the Model 15 and/or Model 25 Sealing Machines. The 025-0019 Nest is not included with the purchase of either the Model 15 and/or Model 25 Sealing Machines.

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