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How Tariffs on Agriculture Could Impact Farm to Table Dining

How Tariffs on Agriculture Could Impact Farm to Table Dining

Growing up on a farm you primarily have two choices; One, you learn to appreciate EVERYTHING that life offers (including the smell of manure and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with hard work) OR two, you decide that as soon as you’re able “you’re outta there” and head for the big city! In today’s trending industry, no matter how far away you may roam, you can bet it’ll never be too far from some good ‘ol farm fresh culinary ingredients. Farm to Table Dining seems to be gaining more and more ground year after year. And although this concept may have gained more recognition in recent years the ‘Farm to Table’ approach has actually been around since the 1950’s and only continues to gain speed…Looks like America has decided that “going back to their roots” isn’t so bad after all. Thank God for the farmers and the Agriculturists that provide quality fresh produce, meats, eggs, dairy, nuts and so much more.

Wilpack Packaging is a US manufacturer of quality food packaging equipment providing everything from manual point of service sealing equipment to fully automated production packaging equipment to meet EVERY kitchen’s needs. With over 30 years in the food service industry; designing and creating production and point of service solutions for food packaging…we depend on cost effective raw materials (also proposed to have Tariffs imposed) in order to provide the most innovative and state of the art solutions available. So now, with all of the recent changes in import/export and ultimately the economic impact of these impending tariffs the need for developing a more self-sustaining/self-sufficient economic balance has become imperative to success. While all of America scrambles to find alternate solutions to become self-sustaining; it would seem the restaurant industry already has a leg up and could help teach the rest of the Nation a thing or two.

“Locally Sourced”, “Farm to Table”, “Organic”, “Farm Fresh”, “Fresh Produce”, “Artisan Made”; all of these phrases point back to self-sustaining. Not only is this an economical approach from a carbon footprint perspective, but a perspective that provides consumers what they crave…The freshest ingredients along with the ability to feel good about supporting locally. With the ever changing landscape of the restaurant industry and the demands required to ‘stand out’…it seems ‘going back to our roots’ is in part what’s making restaurants a favorite ‘go to’ for satisfying, yummy culinary creations that keep them coming back for more.

So how will the Tariff’s on Agriculture products affect these forward thinking restaurateurs? It seems the basic principle of supply and demand is ultimately going to play a large role in this.Is it possible to think that the large corporate agricultural producers that export products throughout the world may now transition into the steel mill industry, leaving local producers to keep doing what they are doing so well? Unfortunately, that’s likely not the case. So to all restaurateurs in America, I offer you a challenge…keep doing what you’re doing! Keep being the leaders that you are. There may come a time when trying to decide on the most cost effective solution and the ‘right’ solution becomes a struggle. But if we all pull together and stay the course, America will become Self Sustaining again…and our Economy will thrive!!! Wilpack Packaging, partnering with the food service industry for decades…and many more to come!