Model 20 Semi-Automatic Cup Sealer – Tooling Requirements

We may be able to make custom tooling for your container & seal – if they can take a seal like this.

What We Need to Make Your Tooling

First we need sample containers of the final design because we need to cut the opening in the nest insert to the proper dimensions of the stack ring and the proper dimensions of the outer lip. If you haven’t selected your containers yet we carry a wide variety of containers and seals to match in our packaging supplies section.

The more samples we have the better the tolerance we can anticipate. We do not want to make the opening for one container only to find out that container was on the small side of the tolerance because then the containers made to the large end of the tolerance will not fit.

Next we need to have samples of the seal so we know how to cut the alignment ridge that aligns the seal over the container. If you do not already have seals we have the most common seals available in our packaging supplies section. If you do not see the seals or seal sizes you need, contact us for a custom quote. We can also quote pre-printed seals for branding and marketing.

This opening needs to be larger than the outside lip of the container as well as just larger than the final seal.  Without this alignment ring, there would be no way to hold the seal in place when you push the nest into the table-top unit.
Lastly, we need the final container and seal in order to cut the heat seal ring.

This ring should mach the profile of the lip of the container.  In the case of barrier cups this ring should be made specifically so that it does not bond the seal to the barrier but rather to the container.


Check out the anatomy of a cup!


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