Model 20 Semi-Automatic Customizable Cup Sealer

Table Top – Customizable – No compressed air required


Do you already have a container that is not a Seal-a-Cup Container?
Is the container you want something other than polypropylene?
Do you need to do R & D or Prototyping or Market Research?

Whether you are just starting out with a new product, or needing to do laboratory testing, whether you are ramping up to small scale production or looking for the most consistent sealing process without needing major mechanical experience, whether you only need one unit or multiple units to meet your products demand, if you need a cup sealer tooled specific to your container then THE MODEL 20 SEMI-AUTOMATIC CUSTOMIZABLE CUP SEALER IS THE RIGHT CHOICE!

With the automated actuator, and adjustable timer the Model 20 is the most simple to use cup sealer on the market.

The machine is designed to:

• Use Automatic actuator to reduce operator fatique.
• Use Automatic actuator to increase output.
• Use Automatic actuator to increase consistency.
• Offer Optimal seals with a Preset Dwell Timer.
• Be an all electric heat sealer, no compressed air required.
• Use Standard 110 Volts AC.
• Have adjustable temperature settings for optimal sealing.
• Use Quick Change Tooling for variable container sizes.
• Handle containers up to 115 mm.
• Be simple to operate, maintain and service.
• Be a very quite sealing operation.

Other features of the Model 20 Semi-Automatic Cup Sealer:

• Very compact (16” L X 8” W X 12” H)
• Weighs 30 lbs
• Food grade quality Materials
• On/Off Temperature Indicator
• Safety guarding
• Constructed of commercial grade materials for maximum durability and reliability
• Not Only is the Model 25 a Foil Sealing Machine, but it can seal some die cut paper poly seals and some die cut plastic seals.

Perfect for a wide range of applications including but not limited to: sauces, dips, condiments, syrups, spreads, BBQ, Humus, salad dressings, creams, gelatin and many other liquid and semi-viscous products. Works perfectly for Portion Control Cups, and Deli Containers.

Multiple nest inserts can be used for quick change from one diameter size container to the next.

Combine those nest inserts with the use of a multi-ring heater head and you have the ability to do a quick change from one diameter to the next.

If you need custom tooling, below is what we need!

The Model 20 can be customized to work with all the cups and seals that are part of the Seal-a-Cup Cup Sealing System as well as most containers designed to take a tamper-evident seal. Click on the logo below to see all the Seal-a-Cup containers and if they suit your needs, look at our Model 25 Semi-Automatic Standard Cup Sealer.

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