Semi-Automatic Equipment

Model 25 Semi-Automatic Standard Cup Sealer

Table Top – MADE IN THE USA!

The Model 25 is designed to work ONLY with Seal-a-Cup approved containers and seals.

It is preconfigured to work with:

• Seal-a-Cup approved 115mm Deli Containers and 118mm Seals
• Seal-a-Cup approved 75mm Single Serve Containers and 79mm Seals
• Seal-a-Cup approved 51mm Portion Cups and 51mm Seals

By tooling this Semi-automatic Cup Sealer specific to Seal-a-Cup approved containers, this allows us to use the same heating head and nest inserts that are used on a larger scale from our Model 15 Cup Sealer. This helps us reduce the cost of the sealer and pass along those cost savings to you.

The multiple nest inserts can be used for quick change from one diameter size container to the next. Watch our video to see how easy it can be.

Combined with the use of a multi-ring heater head and you have the ability to do a quick change from one diameter to the next.


The Model 25 is designed to work ONLY with all the cups and seals that are part of the Seal-a-Cup Cup Sealing System. Click on the logo below to see all those containers.

Model 20 Semi-Automatic Customizable Cup Sealer

Table Top – Customizable – MADE IN THE USA!

So, what if you already have a container or you want a size that isn’t offered in the Seal-a-Cup approved range of containers?

Then the Model 20 Customizable Cup Sealer is the right equipment for you.

This unit is made with slightly different components that can be tooled specific to your container and your seal, assuming your container and seal are designed for this type of cup sealing. The heat seal and cup tooling is made to order and can usually be completed in two weeks or less.

This unit will allow you to use a larger range of plastics for the container, and a larger range of sealing structures as well as the use of paper containers.


If you need custom tooling, below is what we need to make it for you!
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